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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Complete Barrel Pattern

Today I rode Missy around the barrel whole pattern (now that I've gotten all three of my Christmas barrels). She may make a good barrel horse, though we probably wouldn't get any winning times. lol. I was just asking her to walk since it was the first time, but she wanted to run them. I held her back but she did a trot for a little while. She was very forward and perky, really happy to be out. Doing a fast walk she seemed to really be enjoying herself. Missy didn't chomp on the bit very much and her head was not stretched out. Her neck was just a little higher than a western pleasure horses'. This amazed me because I haven't ridden her in a while. She was very responsive to my cues too! Even my neck reining cues that I'm teaching her. It's a little slippy out now but I hope to eventually get her to lope them. After I was done I let her graze. She diggs in the snow with her hooves then eats. Her whiskers got frozen from burrying them in the snow. There was some grass for her to eat when she got to it though.