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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Western Day

Missy did totally awesome yesterday! I rode western and worked on reining. Missy listened to every cue. We'd done some reining before but yesterday was the first day that we did only that. Usually dad leads me around once before he lets go of Missy but we didn't even do that. I worked on walking and a little bit of trot. We went into the edge of the woods too. Our one cat was sitting there and Missy scared him but he didn't scare her. Near the end I got of then mounted by myself, took her around once then got off. She did really well and I hope every ride goes that well. Missy looks great under both english and western tack and I'll have to get a picture of both. Also Maria if you think my braiding is good enough and you want me to help you by being your groom if you show I'd be glad to.