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Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Past Week.

Well! I can no longer say I've never been thrown of a horse since this past Monday. Since she first came in heat a while ago Missy has been sensitive about her whithers. I did not know she was in heat on Monday and I was in for a real suprise! Missy was being a little nervous buat I dismissed it as nothing because I hadn't gotten her out to ride in a while. I started saddleing up and I tightened her girth. She held her breath which she hadn't been doing in a while. After I was done saddleing I tried to pull the part of her mane out from under the saddle were it was caught. Missy reared up then hung in suspension and I leaped away. My dad had been holding onto her halter and his arm got jerked. Calming down; I decided to get on Missy while my dad led her a couple times. She did great and my dad let her go. That was the story for around half an hour. Then all of a sudden as we were going around the bend behind the pine tree she leaped over the little ditch she could have walked over. I lost my one stirrup as she started going faster and bucking. I totally lost my balance and I gripped at the horn trying to stop Missy or regain balance. Then, I was on the ground hopping back up with my arm throbbing. Missy took advantage of the moment and raced up through to the front of our yard, through our neighbor's yard, across the road, past the police/manicipal building into town. My mom checked out my arm and my dad caught Missy in a matter of minutes, much to my suprise. I did get back on and she did well. My arm swelled up a little but it was not very bad. Becuse she's been acting so ornery when she comes into heat we might see if she can have a foal if not just figure out her scheduel and not ride her then, or get an implant to keep her from coming into heat at all. The other option is getting a different horse though I hope it doesn't come to that!